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Phillip Beswick


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Think local

Local sports, local news, local lifestyles, local media, find the foundational data you need for client planning at the local market level.

The Media Audit has been surveying and publishing local market intelligence for over 45 years. Today, we survey on line, delivering qualitative data that is reflective of the local market. Utilizing census -based quota sampling and methodologies that engage a high percentage of respondents in cell phone only households, we measure what matters.


Hundreds of cross-referenceable data points: business influence,  automotive, media preferences, streaming,  sports, political insights  and more all can be found in The Media Audit.


Agencies can affordably research one local market or many. Duplicate Reach and the Ad Campaign Planner reports quickly identify opportunities and efficiencies.

Use the National Aggregate data for benchmarking.


Ready graphics are quickly accessed for client presentations  or customized data presentation in EXCEL

What Our Clients Say About Us…

“ Because of having access to local survey data, I am able to maximize the ad spend by and buy media more efficiently when I use accurate local media-target audience data. I highly recommend The Media Audit to any agency who is looking to find a cost-effective way to find the right media mix for their clients.”
Lori Klens ,
Smart Market Solutions
“…we employ TMA to indicate what platform, daypart, program and audience to target.
We could probably earn a living without TMA; fortunately, we don’t have to. They’ve had our back since the beginning and continue to evolve across multitudes of platforms, technology, and audience data. Everybody wins. “
Leonard Person,
Person & Partners Automotive Advertising
“…you can customize your reports with many local data layers , it allows for a granular look at potential opportunities ….The reports are great, but the staff at The Media Audit is always responsive, timely and efficient is providing the reports we require. We highly recommend The Media Audit for in-market media data. “
Ryan Pirello,
President — Power Marketing