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Rev up your Research with The Media Audit's Zip Code Mapper


Zip Code Mapper

If you are looking to drive traffic and new business for your client, The Media Audit's Zip Code Mapper is a must have for any research toolbox. The easy-to-use program allows marketers to pinpoint consumers and media audiences by zip code on a local, regional or national map.

Understanding where consumers live and how to reach them is critical to driving sales and maintaining a strong brand presence locally and nationally. Here are just some of the ways you can benefit from Zip Code Mapper:

Identify heavy concentrations of consumers within a metropolitan area

  • Create a custom geography based on "hot" zip codes and rank which media perform best
  • Identify and exploit opportunities for new business expansion
  • Compare the customer footprint of a competing business
  • Drive store traffic through better understanding of where prospective customers live
  • Create relevant in-store promotions
  • Improve media buy efficiencies and increase campaign frequency
  • Identify ideal billboard locations

Subscribers to The Media Audit's local market reports will receive the new Zip Code Mapper program as part of the standard software. The program works in conjunction with Microsoft MapPoint, a software product sold separately from The Media Audit.

Take a look at some examples below from a local market illustrating the Power of The Media Audit's Zip Code Mapper:

Example #1

Example #2