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National Reports

The Media Audit National Report is an aggregate of surveys conducted annually across 80+ local markets in the U.S.and represents a database of more than 100,000 consumers 18+.  Whether it's developing a brand, launching a new product, or creating a national ad campaign, decision makers continually rely on
The Media Audit's National Report for reliable consumer and media intelligence.

Media, advertising agencies, and marketers will want to tap into this rich consumer database to explore the nuances of each local market and to profile consumers on a national or regional basis.

The benefit to using a larger national sample is the ability to look at low-incidence targets with a greater degree of reliability and
statistical significance.

What are the top U.S. markets for buyers of domestic vehicles? Where are frequent consumers of fast food more likely to live? How can I leverage data so that my media or media group is included in a national buy? What is the demographic makeup of consumers within a specific demographic region?  Find out in The Media Audit's National Report.


Highlights of National Reports

  • Rank different metropolitan areas to find out where prospective customers are more likely to live
  • Profile consumers using the largest available sample
  • Compare local markets against a national average
  • Compare and profile consumers in different regions of the country
  • Additional reports include National African American Report,
  • National Hispanic Report, and National Asian Report.

Facts and Stats

Tulsa, Oklahoma tops a recent list of top markets for frequent shoppers of auto parts stores, according to the most recent National Report from The Media Audit.

Nationally, 28% of adults frequently shop at auto parts stores, however in markets like Tulsa, 39.4% frequently shop at an auto parts store- a figure that is 41% higher than the national average.

Other top markets for frequent auto parts shoppers include:

Birmingham, Alabama
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Spokane, Washington
Lexington, Kentucky
Riverside-San Bernardino, California

Demographic Profile of Auto Parts Shoppers:

66% Male
34% Female

Average Income: $69,945 (Household)

Media Usage by Auto Parts Shoppers:

24% are heavy radio listeners
45% are heavy users of outdoor billboards