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Rev up your Research with The Media Audit's Zip Code Mapper


Products & Services

Whether you are looking to drive advertising revenue, or to develop more effective ad campaigns that deliver greater ROI, The Media Audit's robust database of local media usage, consumer shopping and lifestyle information is the most current in the industry. Our suite of products include an easy-to-use proprietary data analysis program that generates presentation-ready reports in only a few mouse clicks. In addition to our software program, The Media Audit local market data is summarized in a printable report resident in The Media Audit software that offers a greater level of detail such as target audience definitions and specific information on the most recent sample taken in each local market.


Local Reports

Local market consumer and media intelligence that provide our customers with a competitive advantage in media buying, planning and selling.

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National Reports

Provides in-depth perspective of U.S. consumers vital to regional and national advertisers and media groups

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Annual Consumer Buying Power

Find out what local media audiences are spending on hundreds of products and services annually in The Media Audit Annual Consumer Buying Power Reports. From moving and storage to college tuition to lawn and gardening supplies...The Media Audit will translate media ratings into buying power and open doors to developing new revenue streams and new marketing opportunities.

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