Digital…Empowering and Transforming the Traditional Media AE from Salesperson to Marketer

written by on November 13, 2013

DigitalTransformation2Have you noticed the change?  Yes, there is a digital revolution.  But I mean the subtle but profound change in the media sales world.

It wasn’t too long ago that we sold TV with Nielsen, radio with Arbitron (aka Nielsen Audio), newspapers with ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) etc. Notice the similarity?  Each of those measurement systems is media centric. Do these media measurements help sell the media or help take it down?

Think about it!  If two or three media had the same rating point these measurement systems foster establishing value by dropping rate!

With the emergence of digital, our traditional media have been quick to respond and port content to websites, social sites and now mobile apps. In terms of selling, this means we need to know more about consumers who surf the Internet, social media users and mobile users.  But equally important is the subtle but profound switch to focusing on the consumer rather than focusing on the media user (radio listener or TV viewer or magazine/newspaper reader) Digital means lifestyle.  The digital revolution is causing us to look up from our legacy medium and look upon the consumer not only how they are exposed and interact with various media but also what are their lifestyle, their shopping habits etc.  Notice we’re now evolving from selling a single medium to marketing professionals who are matching our multi-media assets to the habits of the consumer.

Clients and prospects are craving information and insights into who their consumer is, not only in terms of media but also in terms of lifestyle.  These clients/prospects are making our jobs much more interesting as they are empowering us to help them make strategic decisions based upon solid consumer research.

The new focus on the consumer is leading media professionals to look at other consumer characteristics through helping the client/prospect to define their media value based on who the consumer is.

For example, everyone knows
•    Auto companies are switching a lot of money from traditional media to new media
•    The oldest of the traditional media– newspapers are slipping in readers and revenue.

BUT do the auto companies and the newspapers know that adults who plan to purchase a van/truck/SUV and watch football on TV tend to be lighter internet users and heavier newspaper readers? (The audience is 15% more likely to be a heavy newspaper reader, spending an hour or more per day reading, while the same audience is only 7% more likely to be a heavy Internet user, who uses the Internet for three or more hours or more per day on average).

The bottom line is that any time there is change, there is opportunity and today’s digital revolution offers significant opportunity for media sales people to become marketing professionals. Nearly 70% of all ad dollars are invested in the local market and those local advertisers crave insight and advice on how to spend wisely during this fast changing multi-media and digital environment.

Smart media marketers are leaning more and more onto consumer-centric multi-media sources like The Media Audit to help answer those questions and build their revenue.

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