Local Daily Newspapers
Newspapers read past 5 weekdays
Newspapers read average weekday
Newspapers read past 4 Sundays
Newspapers read last Sunday

National Newspapers
USA Today
New York Times
Wall Street Journal

Other print media
Alternative newsweeklies read past month
Alternative newsweeklies read past week
Other weekly publications read past month
Other weekly publications read past week
City/Regional publications read past 4 editions
City/Regional publications read last edition
Other monthly publications read past 4 editions
Other monthly publications read last edition
Shopper publications read past 4 editions
Shopper publications read last edition
Business publications read past 4 editions
Business publications read last edition

Direct Mail
% read weekly
75% or more read weekly
50% or more read weekly
25% to 49% read weekly
1% to 24% read weekly
1% read weekly

Regular readers of newspaper sections
Front page section
Business News section
Sports news section
Automotive classified ad section
Employment classified ad section
Movie/Entertainment sections
Home/townhome/condo sections
Travel section on weekends
Neighborhood news section
Sunday advertising inserts

Exposed/Not exposed to weekday newspapers
Exposed/Not exposed to Sunday newspapers

Newspaper exposure average weekday
Heavy (60 minutes or more)
Medium (30-59 minutes)
Light (1-29 minutes)
None (0 minutes)

Time exposed to a newspaper average weekday

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