Consumer Behavior

Heavy/Frequent Users/Buyers
Auto parts stores
Hardware/lumber/building supplies
Sporting goods stores
Discount stores
Jewelry stores
Drug stores
Movie theatres
Bottled water
Men's clothing
Women's clothing
Children's clothing
Rent/buy movies/DVD's
Bought CD's or downloaded music
Lottery tickets

Plan to take an ocean cruise next 2 years

Domestic air travel past 12 months
3+ round trips
6+ round trips

Business air travel

Foreign air travel - past 2 years
1+ trips
2+ trips

Recreational Vehicle ownership
RV/motor home ownership
Power or motorboat ownership
Sailboat ownership
Motorcycle ownership

Planned purchases
Car, van, truck or SUV
New vehicles
Used vehicles
Domestic planned purchase
Foreign planned purchase
Luxury vehicle planned purchase
Dollar amount of planned purchase

Domestic & Foreign vehicle ownership
Number of vehicles owned
Vehicles owned by make
Domestic vehicle ownership
Foreign vehicle ownership
Japanese/Asian vehicle ownership
British/European vehicle ownership

Household currently owns
Sport utility vehicle
Pickup truck

Retail Planned Purchases
New furniture
Home remodeling
DVD/video camera
Personal computer or equipment
Computer software
Glasses/contact lens
Lasik eye surgery
Cosmetic surgery
Major household appliances
New TV set
College courses
Smart phone
CD player, or MP3 Player/iPod

Household Accessories
Moved to house/apartment past year

Real Estate
Plan to buy home next 2 years
First time home buyers

Cellular Phone/Digital
Now Have a cellular phone
Now own a smart phone
Now own e-reader
Now own tablet
Cell phone texting
Mobile Internet past week cell/iPod/iPad etc.

Supermarket Expenditures
Fast Food Restaurant Purchases
Soft Drink Consumption

Health Care
Health care insurance coverage
Planned hospital stay
Type of doctor visited past two years
Visited dentist past year
Local hospital visited past year as a patient
Family members who have visited ER, urgent care, or were hospitalized past year
Considering assisted living facility for family member

Financial and Legal Services
Own IRA/Keogh accounts
Own CD's/savings certificates
Have 401-K account
Have car loan
Have home equity loan
Traded stocks/bonds/securites past year

Customers of financial institutions
Used these financial institutions past year
(Individual credit unions used)
(Individual banks used)

Used an attorney past two years
Used an attorney past two years to collect damages